Google's Drone Delivery Service Drops Library Books to Kids

Google's Drone Delivery Service Drops Library Books to Kids

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Children in Virginia will have a whole lot of fun reading library books this summer, especially as these will be directly delivered to their front porches by a flying drone.

Google's drone delivery service, Wing, has started dropping off library books to book-lovers in Christianburg, Virginia, as per the Washington Post.

It's a great way to keep kids occupied during the summer.

Delivery drones have been gathering momentum around the world, and it was about time that books started being included in the list of things being delivered.

It isn't always easy convincing kids to get their noses stuck in a good book, as many school librarians and parents can attest to. One such school librarian, Kelly Passek, a Montgomery County Public Schools middle-school librarian who recommended the drone delivery system in Christianburg, hopes that if kids see a drone drop off a book they'll be more excited about reading.

"I think kids are going to be just thrilled to learn that they are going to be the first in the world to receive a library book by drone," Passek said to the Post.

Google was of the same mindset as Passek, and agreed to add books to their list of deliverable goods.


Passek helped get books to children during lockdown through school bus deliveries after schools were forced to close their doors. In some cases, libraries are the only way for kids to get their hands on books as they don't have e-readers, which aren't always affordable, and buying books online isn't always the cheapest option either.

So for many, reading library books is the only way of getting access to books.

Google's drone delivery service, which partnered up with FedEx and Walgreens, has been delivering other goods to Christianburg as of October last year. Wing has also partnered up with some restaurants to deliver meals, and now books will be added to that list.

Google has been testing Wing since 2014, and it may see an increase in deliveries starting this summer.

Watch the video: Drones deliver library books (May 2022).


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