IKEA Shares Instructions on How to Build Furniture Forts Amid Quarantine

IKEA Shares Instructions on How to Build Furniture Forts Amid Quarantine

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There is just something oh-so-special about forts that we've built as a child: Every child has built one that is particular to them and hide under it while eating snacks and dreaming about the world. This game surpasses generations and finds its place in every imaginative child who seeks shelter from the world.

Now, amid the pandemic, IKEA Russia has a new campaign that brings up all the right memories.

At this point in the lockdown, children are bored out of their minds, and parents have run out of ways to keep them entertained. The company shared instructions on how to make six types of furniture forts to keep children entertained amid the quarantine.


The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow and show imaginative ways you can use everyday items like blankets, chairs, and stools to build your new getaway. The best part of this is that you don't need to have a bunch of IKEA furniture laying around, you can use whatever you have at home instead.

People have already hopped on the wagon, and children with their versions of forts are making rounds on the internet with the hashtag #явдомикеике, meaning “I’m in an IKEA house." So, here is the six houses and how to make them, in the IKEA-way.

1. Höuse

2. Wigwåm

3. Cåstle

4. Förtress

5. Cåve

6. Cåstle

And here are some kids that are absolutely killing the furniture fort-game to motivate you.

Just look at how adorable they are!

This is the perfect opportunity to unleash their creativity. These two even made a sun!

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