Seriously Cool Mini 4X4 Track Built for Tiny Off-Road RC Cars

Seriously Cool Mini 4X4 Track Built for Tiny Off-Road RC Cars

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If you've ever been excited at seeing or creating tracks for off-road mini remote controlled cars, then is there a treat in store for you. A mini track built with reused materials has been put together for tiny 4X4 Orlandoo Hunter RCs by DavidXL.

It's a mini off-road arena for these cool cars, and now has caves and tunnels for the little cars to crawl through.


Games for adults

This one doesn't have to be just for the kids. Toys can be just as fun for adults at times. And that's precisely what's going on here.

Dubbed the '4X4 Arena', this amazing rock crawling mini track was built by reusing materials from a previous mini track, also put together by the same person, DavidXL. It mostly took extra pieces of box foam inserts and some acrylic paints, hot glues, and washing sponges at no extra cost.

The original rock crawler track, the Rubble Wasteland, was also built for these tiny cars, and because the owner liked it so much he decided to expand it. Now, the new track has three levels, has tight caves, passages, and tunnels to crawl through, tough climbs, and realistic terrain. Impressive to say the least.

Even more impressive, it took him just a week to put everything together and have it ready to be used and showcased. As DavidXL says himself "It's massive, lots of places to discover, almost three storey climbing and takes hours just to clear off one full lap."

Luckily for all of us, a huge photo gallery has been shared online, which shows the progress of the 4X4 Arena as it's being modified and built. The photos are more or less in chronological order.

Watch the video: Worlds Smallest 4x4 Scale RC Crawler Car (May 2022).


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