20 Smart and Fun Robot Toys for Little Engineers

20 Smart and Fun Robot Toys for Little Engineers

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Judging by their popularity around the world, it is not a surprise that the demand for robot toys is increasing. This might make finding the best robot toy for your child and yourself a bit of a challenge.

There are two types of robot toys: programmable and non-programmable. While you can learn how to code in the first group, non-programmable robots can be controlled with another device.


In this list, you can find robot toys with different abilities in both types.

1. Turbo Robot by Really RAD Robots

Turbo Robot is for those who love racing and speeding. It is basically built for speed.

In addition, this robot has a mouth that talks back! You can control Turbo by just speaking to it, and it can respond to you regarding your requests.

It's not just a robot toy. Have you ever seen a robot that is able to crack a joke? It will definitely put a smile on your face.

Turbo can dance and spin. It can also record sound for 10 seconds.

2. Rainbrace Smart Robot Toys

Rainbrace Smart Robot allows you to control it with gestures. It can turn right or left according to your movements. When it moves, you'll see the red LED lights on its eyes.

It can sing and dance very well. If you need a great dancer and singer in your home, you can trust Rainbrace robot toy. It's surrounded by high-quality speakers, which makes everything better.

3. Sillbird STEM Building Blocks Robot

If you're looking for an engineering buddy, Sillbird is the best. It easily moves in all directions, and it can be controlled over 20 meters distance.

You can control the Building Blocks Robot by the mobile phone app or Bluetooth connection. It has maximum agility. The head, arms, and shoulders of this robot toy can be rotated.

4. Meccano-Erector Robot

Meccano-Erector Robot is where artificial intelligence meets programming. It actively discovers new things about the world around it and learns from every interaction.

5. Top Race Remote Control Robot Toy

This robot toy reads stories and does math quizzes which makes it an excellent gift idea for kids. Your child can learn while having fun, so why not give them a robot friend rather than a casual toy? You can operate it with wireless remote control.

6. Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

If you don't have a pet but would like to have one, you can adopt this remote control robot dog. You can program commands into it. It's a toy that gives children the opportunity to learn to program.

This robot toy can also imitate body movements and sounds of 10 animals, and it can also dance and sing.

7. STEM Robot Kit

This kit is one of the greatest STEM robot toys and a perfect gift for children. It can build blocks which is the perfect opportunity to improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills. You can create your own commands if you want.

You can connect it to your mobile phone or tablet. It supports graphical programming. It also has a line-tracking sensor, so it follows the black line automatically.

8. UBTECH JIMU Robot Astrobot Series

This Astrobot is for those who are interested in space and cosmos. You can invent your own galactic robot creations or build three different robots. You can go step by step by downloading the app. It allows you to build and code these robot toys to perform countless tricks.

9. CodeBot: Python Programmable Robot Kit

If your child is into computer sciences and robotics, this robot toy is a great choice. This robot can be used to teach Python programming. It works with Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs. You can control it by writing codes, so it's not a remote-control robot.

10. Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur

You can have fun with this intelligent touch-sensitive robot dinosaur toy by controlling it remotely. It can shake its head and wag its tail. It remembers 50 actions in total.

11. Play22 Remote Control Robot Toy

This one is a walking, dancing, missile shooting, and talking robot that your child will be in love with. This impressive robot toy includes nine missiles and one remote control. It can perform 20 different actions.

12. Anki Cozmo

Cozmo by Anki is a real-life robot that wants to have fun. It expresses emotions and recognizes you and your name. If you're looking for something more than just a game robot, Cozmo is the one.

You can see what Cozmo sees with the Explorer Mode. You can guide Cozmo to go places, prompt him to greet people and pets, and use Cozmo’s lift to move his Cubes around.

13. Adeept RaspTank WiFi Wireless Smart Robot Car

RaspTank is a robot that can grab small objects. It's equipped with a 4-DOF robotic arm. It has object recognition and motion detection. It can be controlled by the app.

It might be a perfect gift for professionals and people who want to learn to code. And probably, for everyone in between.

14. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

You won't ever feel bored while you're playing with the Boost robots.

This LEGO Creative toolbox introduces you to coding. You will build, learn, and program robots with this toy. It includes 847 pieces for building multifunctional models.

15. Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot

If you want to teach your kids coding at an early age, this is the right robot toy for you.

You can give voice commands and watch how it reacts. It helps to develop critical thinking skills.

This coding robot by Wonder Workshop is being used for educational purposes in classrooms worldwide. It's very engaging and enables open-ended learning. It allows your kids to play with others and share ideas.

16. LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander

If you're a Star Wars fan, you can't miss this LEGO Star Wars toy robot.

Build your favorite characters and practice coding. Children will develop creative problem-solving skills while coding.

This toy includes a color and distance sensor. You can equip the droids with weapons to complete missions. It's one of the best robot toys for your kids and yourself.

17. Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball

This one is not only for children but also for their parents who are into engineering. Sphero is more than just a robot. It's designed to flourish creativity and curiosity. You can program commands and improve your coding skills.

It allows you to draw paths for the robot to follow. The LED lights and motor encodes will provide countless experiences for you and your children.

18. Mini Talking Robots for Kids w/ Posable Body

This robot can stand on one leg!

It can repeat everything you say, and you can carry it everywhere in your pocket. If you're looking for a travel companion for your child, here is the best buddy.

19. Mattel Games Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Game

Are you ready for the robot boxing game of the year? It's a game suitable for family and friends. This robot toy will improve your child's social skills. You can move the robots around the ring and use the punching buttons to strike the enemies.

20. WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

You can pet the dog's head and wait to see how it reacts. It can bark like a real dog, give dog kisses, smell, and sneeze. You can also use it as a guard dog for your child's room since it has sensors for when someone enters the room.

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