Cadillac's First All-Electric Car Will Be Showcased in April

Cadillac's First All-Electric Car Will Be Showcased in April

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With many brands steering towards an all-electric future, Cadillac is also set to unveil its first all-electric car. The luxury brand will showcase a midsize crossover in April, 2020, President Steve Carlisle told dealers at the National Auto Dealer Association Convention on Monday.

The vehicle was first teased through a rendering during the XT6 launch at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2019. This Monday, Cadillac President Steve Carlisle told the much-awaited launch would happen in April. The model will be the debut of the brand’s BEV3 project and serve as the base for all its future EVs, which makes it a big deal.


Today, the luxury brand Cadillac sells only internal-combustion vehicles and this crossover is a definite steer towards EV launches from General Motors. It looks as though more unveilings will be coming since the automaker has said that it plans to build 20 EVs globally by 2032.

"Our transition to electric vehicles is key, and we must continue to minimize our own operational footprint and lead changes toward a circular economy – where waste is eliminated and materials are reused & recycled." Read more from Dane Parker, our CSO:

— General Motors (@GM) February 10, 2020

Previously in 2019, the company had made a pledge that by 2030, the majority of all Cadillac would be electric vehicles. The company seems to be following that plan through. Cadillac describes the new “The Cadillac EV” as its vision for General Motors’ future EV platform. Cadillac will be "at the vanguard of the company’s move toward an electric future."

The unveiling dates are not exactly clear since we don't know if the vehicle will have a standalone event, or if it will be launched at the New York Auto Show that will also take place in early April.

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