The Watch Spider is made from parts of an old watch

The Watch Spider is made from parts of an old watch

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We have seen people make some incredible things from spare things that they have laying around the house but we have never seen a spider made out of old parts from a watch before. However we have now by way of the Watch Spider, which the designer made using parts taken from recycled watches along with a small light bulb.

[Image Source: Mechanical Mind]

The Watch Spider has had a lot of attention to detail paid to it as the designer created the legs from numerous watch stems along with band springs that needed cutting into different sizes. The designer had to cut them carefully and accurately to ensure that they would give off an organic look of the real legs of a spider. Each of the segments for the legs needed to be arranged carefully to make up a leg and then they were soldered at the joints using silver bearing solder. Each of the legs was then soldered together at its base and they formed what look like a claw.

[Image Source: Mechanical Mind]

The body of the spider was crafted using several watch straps which were soldered together carefully with some gears from watches, plates and other watch parts. The bulbous body of the spider is a car light bulb which was taken from the base and them attached onto the body using the lead wires. The pincers for the spider was then made from cut watch plates.

[Image Source: Mechanical Mind]

Once the body of the Watch Spider was made along with the legs the legs were then arranged and soldered onto the body after being manipulated to ensure that the spider was able to stand properly. To ensure that the joints were stiff enough they were then re-soldered when minute changes had been made to correct the stance of the spider.

[Image Source: Mechanical Mind]

The spider was designed by Mechanical Mind and measures 49mm in width and 48mm in length while being 22mm tall. All of the creations are parts that have been soldered and the sculpture is sat on a 3 inch by 4 inch tall display dome with glass display case.

[Image Source: Mechanical Mind]

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