Canadian golf resorts to have disappearing luxury copper huts

Canadian golf resorts to have disappearing luxury copper huts

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Construction of around 50 triangular luxury copper huts has been proposed for a development in Lake of Bays in Canada by architects MU Architecture. The huts will form a collection of private retreats for guest at the Bigwin Golf Club. Each of the huts is between 1,200 and 1,500 square feet and they will blend into their surroundings.

[Image Source: MU Architecture]

The huts take inspiration from the Native American people and loosely resemble teepees thanks to their triangular structure. The huts rest on pillars so they are slightly raised above the ground and they are built with steel anchors along with wooden composite materials with panels of glass and insulation. The whole of the façade is then clad with copper strips and these will oxidize and turn green over time to disappear into the surroundings.

[Image Source: MU Architecture]

The interior of the copper hut is designed over three levels, with an open space that offers outlooks over the scenery. The units are connected by a spiral staircase in the centre and each has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a luxury kitchen, open plan living space and a dining area with an open fireplace.

[Image Source: MU Architecture]

MU Architecture said that the designs of the luxury huts consist of different sizes and they can be combined in different ways by adapting them to the specific needs of the clients, so they can be personalised. An example they said would be that a terrace could be attached to the hut, or perhaps a garage for golf carts. There are smaller one bedroom units planned and these would be ideal for renting out.

[Image Source: MU Architecture]

The luxury copper huts are prefabricated off-site and then taken to the site for installation, it is said that this has less impact on the landscape in which the huts are being situated.

[Image Source: MU Architecture]

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